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Ashtavinayak Temples of Maharashtra


In the heartland of Maharashtra, amidst the lush green landscapes and winding roads, lies a spiritual treasure trove known as the Ashtavinayak temples. These ancient temples dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity, hold not only religious significance but also captivate travelers with their architectural beauty and historical richness.

The Legend of Ashtavinayak

Before we delve into each of these eight divine shrines, let’s first understand the legend that binds them together. It is said that Lord Ganesha, in his various incarnations, vanquished demons and restored peace in the region. Each temple marks a significant spot where Lord Ganesha’s divine intervention took place.

The Eight Divine Abodes

Morgaon Temple – Where It All Begins

Our journey begins at the Morgaon Temple, the first in the Ashtavinayak pilgrimage. Located in Pune district, this temple houses the ‘Mayureshwar’ form of Lord Ganesha, adorned with exquisite jewelry.

Siddhatek Temple – The Divine Oasis

Siddhatek Temple, nestled on the banks of the Bhima River, is a serene haven. Devotees believe that a visit to this temple can fulfill one’s deepest desires.

Pali Temple – Embracing Simplicity

In the quaint village of Pali stands a temple of Lord Ganesha known for its simple yet profound ambiance. The ‘Ballaleshwar’ form of Ganesha is worshipped here.

The Mystical Tale of Ranjangaon Temple

Ranjangaon Temple, surrounded by lush greenery, tells the tale of Lord Ganesha defeating the demon ‘Tripurasura.’ The ‘Mahaganpati’ idol here exudes divine energy.

The Enchanting Ozar Temple

Ozar Temple is a visual delight, adorned with intricate carvings. It enshrines the ‘Vighneshwar’ form of Lord Ganesha, known to eliminate obstacles.

Lenyadri Temple – A Cave of Blessings

Nestled in the hills of Lenyadri, this temple requires a short trek to reach. The unique ‘Girijatmaj’ idol is believed to be ‘swayambhu’ or self-manifested.

The Untold Stories of Thevur Temple

Thevur Temple, situated in the tranquil village of Thevur, shares stories of Lord Ganesha defeating the demon ‘Sindhurasura.’ The ‘Chintamani’ idol here offers solace to troubled minds.

The Final Stop – Mahad Temple

Our pilgrimage concludes at the Mahad Temple, where Lord Ganesha took a holy dip in the ‘Patalganga River.’ The ‘Varadvinayak’ form of Ganesha graces this sacred abode.

Spiritual Sojourn and Architecture

The Ashtavinayak pilgrimage not only offers spiritual solace but also a glimpse into the architectural marvels of ancient India. The temples display a blend of various architectural styles, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Maharashtra.

The Joy of Pilgrimage

As you embark on this spiritual journey, you’ll witness the fervor and devotion of the pilgrims. The atmosphere resonates with the sound of temple bells, chants, and the aroma of incense, creating an immersive experience.


The Ashtavinayak temples are not just places of worship but repositories of history, culture, and spirituality. Visiting these eight divine abodes is a soul-stirring experience that leaves an indelible mark on the traveler’s heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to complete the Ashtavinayak pilgrimage?
    • The time required depends on your pace and the distance between each temple. Typically, it takes around 2-3 days to visit all eight temples.
  2. Are there any specific rituals to be followed during the pilgrimage?
    • While there are no strict rituals, it is customary to offer modak (a sweet delicacy loved by Lord Ganesha) at each temple as a form of devotion.
  3. Can I visit the temples at any time of the year?
    • Yes, you can visit the Ashtavinayak temples throughout the year. However, festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi witness larger crowds and vibrant celebrations.
  4. Is photography allowed inside the temples?
    • Photography rules may vary from temple to temple. It’s advisable to check with the temple authorities before taking photos.
  5. Are there any accommodations available near the temples?
    • Yes, there are various accommodations, ranging from budget to luxury, available near the Ashtavinayak temples to cater to the needs of pilgrims.

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